Blue Chip Pool Service


It’s a sure bet with Blue Chip Pool Service. We’ve been working with residents of South Florida for the past 10 years. Out staff takes pride in making your pool service top notch, yielding great results, and keeping everything satisfactory and in check. We at BlueChip have pools ourselves, use them frequently, and wouldn’t settle for a pool that doesn’t look perfect. What makes us unique is our ability to deliver expert, guaranteed services for a reasonable cost while still using industry-preferred technologies and equipment. You may think that pool services aren’t really within your current budget, or you may have to “cut corners” to have someone come out weekly.

We’ll work with you to ensure you’re satisfied with what you’re paying for and what you’re receiving from us. We don’t require contracts, meaning that should there be any reason you would not like to continue with us, you have the option to opt out of continuing with us without any weird conditions or having to jump through hoops. We are confident that you’ll want to stick with us for the long run because our services are consistent and fairly priced for the peace of mind you get. Our friendly staff come to your home in a punctual manner for services, maintaining a professional demeanor and attire. They get the job done how they’re supposed to every time. We are respectful of your property. We’re dedicated to providing best in the industry pool service at very competitive prices. So now, what are you waiting for? Try us out now – call now for a free cleaning to see if we’re a good fit!